Church Inclusive: Third Sunday After the Epiphany 23 January 2022

Dearly Beloved Franciscans

For so many young people, matric results feel like a “make or break” situation. What has happened in our thinking that we take an ASPECT of our lives and define the WHOLE of our lives by this one thing, be it an exam result or an illness or…?   Suddenly we move from having passed/failed an academic year to defining ourselves as : “I AM a success / I AM a failure”.   What an insult to God!   Surely, our defining essence is who we are in God?  I am good, I am precious, I am beloved, I am….     Failure or success, lack of health or abundance of health, and so on , is an opportunity to add to our life skills, to learn something, to become more aware, to grown in insight and compassion.  Please let’s help our youth to know the full wonder and worth of who they are, irrespective of certain achievements or lack thereof.     Thank You and God bless you.  Love and Hope, Michelle

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