Church Inclusive: Second Sunday of Advent: 5 December 2021

Dear Franciscans

Joy and sorrow live side by side this week.  As we come to Jesus, we give thanks for Michelle joining our community but we are also saddened by the death of Mike Williams.  In God these opposites are held in ways that draw us into the hope and majesty of our faith journey.  Beginnings and endings stay connected in Holy hands. Come, Lord Jesus, Come.

Our pew leaflet is attached as well as our Advent liturgy, information about the Advent market (on Sunday after church) and  the Advent Calendar and Labyrinth prayer practise in case you missed them last week.  Please join us on Sunday at 8.30 in person (PPE’s in place) or online  We are all taking special care again so, you don’t feel well, please rather join us online. 

There is meditation in the church tomorrow at 8.30.  You are welcome – good ventilation, space and time to watch and wait in stillness.

Advent calls us to wait actively and to be awake to breakthrough moments and foundational seeing.  Be patient with yourselves and others as well as our whirling world in need of Love,


Please find attached:

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