Church Inclusive: First Sunday of Advent: 28 November 2021

Dear Franciscans

The well known spiritual writer and priest Henri Nouwen said about Advent anticipation, “Waiting is a period of learning. The longer we wait, the more we hear about God for whom we are waiting.”  May these weeks in which we come together to watch, wait, wonder and wander be filled we unexpected hope and restoration.   What a year and now another strain of Covid! Can we be anchored by faith anyway and draw strength and awe from God who trusted and loved us so much as to come as a vulnerable tender baby.

Our pew is attached, as is our Advent liturgy, a wonderful Advent Calendar from Michelle and a labyrinth prayer idea for each day till Christmas.  There will be printed copies of the last two at church too.

God’s love and grace as we journey together, 


Please find attached:

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