Church Inclusive: Christ The King: 21 November 2021

Dear Franciscans

This Sunday sees many riders and their bicycles gathering and enjoying greater freedom in our city.  This is wonderful and we pray for their safety and this initiative which comes with unity in a common pursuit – all 94.7 kilometres of It!   No doubt there will be some sweat and tears but also living in the moment and hoping for strength and speed for the next – there’s a sermon in there somewhere!

Those coming from the other side of Jan Smuts Ave may well be be challenged getting to church but fortunately this is now possible not only in person but also online at 8.30 on

Our pew leaflet is attached with information about our Advent Market which will include the traditional Sunday Stir-Up of our parish Christmas cake which Bart will manage and Cynthia will bake and we will enjoy on Christmas day!  There is also an invitation for the Quiet Morning attached.  You are welcome even if it is something new to you. 

Take care and we are blessed to be able to gather regardless of where we are or what bicycles might be in the way


Please find attached:

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