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Church Inclusive: Twenty Fourth Sunday After Pentecost, 7 November 2021

Hello to you all,

We welcome Rev Prof Maria Frahm Arp to share with us on Sunday. We see Maria each week on YouTube as she reflects with us, but it will be good to have her in church as part of our service! Please join us at 8.30 on Sunday in person or online

As we enter November, the last month of the church year, so we re-member ourselves to God in prayer and scripture readings which remind us that our life of faith is one in which the ordinary holds the promise of being extraordinary in the service of God.  And so,

For all the saints who went before us

who have spoken to our hearts and touched us with your fire,

we praise you, O God.

For all the saints who lived beside us

whose weaknesses and strengths are woven with our own,

we praise you, O God.

For all the saints who live beyond us

who challenge us to change the world with them,

we praise you, O God.

 —Janet Morley 

May God’s grace and love be present to you each day and may you know it,


Please find attached:


One thought on “Church Inclusive: Twenty Fourth Sunday After Pentecost, 7 November 2021

  1. Thank you for holding Joshua Miles Mac Kinnon in Prayer last Sunday 7th November. He was in Neonatal ICU after being born on St. Judes Day 28th October. He was diagnosed with a blood disorder, viz. hyperviscosity of the newborn. He seemed to be in the ICU for ages and I am sure prayer was answered that Sunday because the next day the Doctor said he could come home on the Tuesday, as he was then taken off oxygen and later the blood monitoring machine. What a miracle medicine is today. God has inspired Doctors to work out very easy intervention techniques of taking and monitoring the right proportion of desirable haemoglobin level. And what dedication the nurses have to work long hours doing their difficult monitoring, to the doctors requirements. We live in a very gracious age. In the old days the baby would have been a blue baby, and would have died, and all that long pregnancy to no avail. To say nothing of anxious grandmama and other excited family members. We are delighted to have photos of baby at home at last today, with his two overawed twin brothers watching him being breastfed. We are all dying to see him but must wait til the family are settled in. God is very gracious, and prayers in difficult circumstances are His delight. Catherine


    Posted by Catherine Mac Kinnon | 9 November 2021, 4:58 pm

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