Church Inclusive: Twenty Second Sunday After Pentecost, 31 October 2021-Celebrating St Francis)

Dear Franciscans

As we come to the end of this month in which we have celebrated the life and ministry of St Francis, I hope you know how God calls us to live each day with the expectation that impossible things are possible by faith.  In the company of God and the company of each other, know we are able to realise more fully what love is, that joy is ever present and creation holds the key to God’s provision and care.

As we look into next week let’s hold Monday’s elections in prayer with hopeful expectations of what will emerge for our city and our country.

Do join us on Sunday at 8.30 for Paul’s farewell – in person or online  A celebratory tea will follow in the garden.  

Our pew leaflet is attached with further information and in addition a letter of thanks for our shower facility from the Social Concerns portfolio.

Till Sunday, take care, know God’s abiding presence and hope in the midst of all things,


Please find attached:

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