Church Inclusive: Twentieth Sunday After Pentecost, 10 October 2021-Celebrating St Francis)

Dear Franciscans

Hello to you all,

As we continue to celebrate and remember our identity as Franciscans, we recall the love, joy, energy and faith St Francis lived at a time of political upheaval, corruption and a huge divide between rich and poor, need and want.  Let’s be encouraged! 

Please remember our Pet Blessing service on Sunday at 10 in the garden after the main service.  All animals and their owners are welcome.

You are invited to the confirmation service online tomorrow…this is the link

Please keep our canditates in prayer.  Their names are in the pew leaflet which is attached.  We will welcome them at our service on Sunday – at 8.30 as usual in person or online

Franciscan Father Richard Rohr says, “Francis of Assisi was a master of making room for the new and letting go of that which was tired or empty.”

May God’s grace and wisdom guide us in this time of loss and change but also possibility,


Please find attached:

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