Church Inclusive: Pentecost Sunday 18 July 2021

Hello to you all,

This has been a difficult time in which many of our choices have been taken away. And yet, the choice to pray remains and makes an extraordinary difference both to us and who and what we pray for.  On Thursday and Friday our diocese gathered in prayer and fasting.  We were part of a wave of prayer longing for healing, reconciliation, restoration and for God to be at work in all of us and our country. “Prayer is aligning ourselves with the purposes of God,” says theologian E Stanley Jones. Let’s keep on praying knowing it is one of the best and most faithful things we can do.

The pew leaflet is attached with further information. John Alexander’s funeral is on Thursday 22 July at 11 and you can join us on YouTube.

Please join us too on Sunday at 8.30 as we gather to worship, pray and share in God’s kingdom with hope and courage

We do apologise that this does not come to you on email. Unfortunately, MyAnglican is still having problems and this is influencing communication throughout our diocese.

May God be be in your seeing, hearing and hoping,


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