Church Inclusive: Sunday 21 February 2021

My dear Franciscans

Thank you to all those who made Ash Wednesday such a meaningful day for all of us.  Thank you especially to Fabian who stood in for me at the last minute.  I have a systemic viral infection (not Covid) which I am struggling to shake and can lay me down quite dramatically.  Under doctor’s instructions I am on half-day work till March 5.  Thank you for your prayers.

Our Lent Program this year includes:

Lent Meditation           Saturday 8:30 am           At the Church

Sunday Sermons          Sunday 8:30 am              At the Church and on YouTube

Lent Bible Studies        Thursday 6:00 pm          On Zoom

Friday Youth                 Friday 4:00pm & 6:00pm Youth meet on Zoom

Please find attached

The Pew Leaflet

The Lenten Liturgy for Sunday Services

The Lent Course

We pray for peace for those who await crucial results – especially for matrics whose results have started trickling in. 

With love and hope


Please find attached:

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