Church Inclusive: Sunday 17 January 2021

My dear Franciscans

The levels of uncertainty which Covid-19 brought to us in 2020 are not abating in 2021.  Just this morning we awake to news that schools may only be allowed to open for face-to-face learning from 15 February.  The lives of hundreds of thousands of people – learners, teachers, school staff, families – once again have to live with disruption and uncertainty.  And equally, for hundreds of thousands of people, this disruption serves to deepen the already profound social inequalities in our country.  

I have included the Covid-19 Prayer which we used a lot in the early months of the pandemic on the back page of the Pew Leaflet.  Let us use it this week to grow our faith and trust in God and to lift those for whom the pandemic hits hardest to God’s love.

Just to note that our Saturday and Sunday feeding scheme resumes this weekend.  Please be in touch with Esther Malia (074 324 5482) if you would like to be of assistance.

With love and hope


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