Church Inclusive: Sunday 3 January 2021

Dear Franciscans,

Church, we have learnt, is so much more than a building.  While we love our beautiful church and wish it’s doors were wide open and welcoming, church is really the gathering of people of faith anchored in the love and grace of God.  We are just that and continue to be that, so please don’t be discouraged.  A new year starts and we realise that we are living in a time of extraordinary opportunity to become our best selves as God’s beloveds and be light and hope for each other, all others and our world.

Please join us on YouTube on

We will be there and you will be in our mind’s eye in hope, prayer, worship and song.

The office will open on 6 January as planned and we will keep you updated about when in person church will return.  Please keep us updated too if you are in need of prayer, care or wish to share a joy!

Attached is the pew leaflet and liturgy for Sunday.

Take care and may God be with you and all those you love both now and into all that 2021 holds for us,


Please find attached:

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