Church Inclusive: Sunday 27 December 2020

My dear Franciscans

I hope that you were able to find the joy of Christ in the midst of a pandemic as we celebrated Christmas yesterday.  I pray that God is especially close to you at this time.

We remember all those who are ill with Covid; especially Basil and Iris Meklis (Anette Strachan’s parents) Jane Pryor, Martin Pryor (who is now out of ICU), Cuthbert Tinavapi (Tongai’s brother who is in ICU) and thanking God that Jacquie Zwambila has been discharged.  We continue to hold Laurel, Laura and Stan in our prayers, and we pray for Cheryl, Travis and Zoe Williams and their family as they prepare for Cheryl’s mother’s funeral on Monday.

With love and hope


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