Church Unusual, Sunday 16 August

My dear Franciscans

In the Friday 7:00am Zoom Eucharist, we read Psalm 11. It opens with the words, “In the Lord I have found my refuge…” I hope and pray that this is your experience, day by day; that you are able to start each morning conscious of God’s presence with you – as St Paul puts it, “clothing yourself with Christ” -and that throughout the day you are able to find moments in which, however briefly, you are able to rest in God’s love.

In this month of compassion we especially pray for all those in trouble, need, sickness, or any other hardship, especially the people of Beirut and Lebanon, and all who are suffering in this time of Covid and the lockdowns. May they find courage, healing and a steadfast trust in God’s presence. Amen.

Keep the Light of Christ shining both in times of Lockdown and Loadshedding and in times of Freedom and Light!

Please join us, once again, at 8:30 am for
Church Unusual – Live from St Francis



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