Parish office opening soon

Great News – We are Opening the Office on Tuesday June 23!

Starting on Tuesday 23rd and Thursday 25th, from 9am – 1pm, the Parish Offices will be open twice weekly.  On Thursday, 18 June, the Office will open for Internal Preparations as the staff put protocols in place and for Dr Tim Wilson to do appropriate training.

This is wonderful news!

Laurel, Paul, Diana and Fabian will be in their Offices on these days.

You are welcome to:

·       come to drop things off

·       come for a pastoral visit (for the young people too), or

·       come for prayer.

For pastoral visits or prayer, please phone or message ahead and let us know so we are available for you. Such meetings will take place in the Assisi Room, the Garden or the Lady Chapel.

These mornings will provide a point of contact for our community and mark the beginning of us being able to be present to each other in person as the community of St Francis. We used to take that for granted!!

Faith and fear have come into sharp conversation with COVID-19.  We balance these with much payer and careful thought. The following will be adhered to:

·       Please, you must wear a mask when you come

·       If you are unwell, please rather make a phone call than visit. We do still want to hear from you and if you are worried about COVID-19 infection, we can direct you to free telephonic advice from a doctor.

·       Sanitizers will be available

·       Sensible cleaning protocols will be in place. 

·       If you have any questions in relation to COVID-19 and being in contact with others, Tim will host an  information Zoom meeting on Thursday 18 June at 12.00. The link will be sent out by email by 11.00 that morning.

Rest assured much is being done to enable services to start again from 1 August although the online Church Unusual services will remain in place for a while.

Each Sunday we pray together:

We are not a people of fear, we are a people of courage…We are Your people, giving and loving empowered by the Holy Spirit to live and work to your praise and glory.

It is in this spirit that we move forward…

The Parish Office will open on Tuesdays and Thursday 9:00am to 1:00 pm beginning on Tuesday 23 June.

God bless you all. Keep warm. Keep safe.



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