Sunday 5 May, 9:30 Service to take place at the Melville Koppies

Koppie Eucharist
Sunday May 5, 9:30 am

7.30 service as usual
No 9.30 service at the church

For the Koppie Eucharist park at the entrance to Mark’s Park on Judith Rd. Walk across Judith to the Koppie entrance. You will see the gathering crowd.

We start the service at the entrance and it unfolds as we gently walk up the Koppies, pausing at appropriate spots for prayer and reflection until we reach the place we have communion.

Please brings hats and water, wear sensible shoes (my Jimmy Choos are staying home!). It will be warmer at the end than the beginning …

Some light refreshments will be served after the service.

It’s a wonderful opportunity for us to celebrate the wonder of God’s creation together

Hope to see you there

If you need a lift come to the church by 9.15. Quite a few cars will be going from here.

Communion served at last years Koppie Service

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