St Francis aids relief mission for Cyclone Idai

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St Francis will be assisting with the rescue mission for Cyclone Idai and request help from Parishioners to donate any of the items on the list below.

We have also been appointed as one of the drop off points in Parkview where the goal is to fill up a 40 ton truck with supplies to be sent from Johannesburg.

Please contact the parish office for more information

Priority list of goods

For drinking water

  • water buckets – preferably with tap
  • other types of big water containers for dispensing water
  • water purification kits
  • ORT (Oral re-hydration) sachets

For cooking and eating

  • Big cooking pots
  • bowls/plates (metal/plastic)
  • Basic utensils
    • wooden spoons
    • tablespoons
    • basic kitchen knives
    • big serving spoons
  • kettles (non electric)  
  • mugs/cups (metal/plastic)


  • rice 
  • sugar
  • oil
  • soya chunks
  • tinned meats (not pork) please all cans to have a pull tab.
  • tinned baked beans
  • peanut butter
  • instant oats
  • 2 minute noodles
  • baby food – cereal

Sanitary & Health

  • Soap
  • Vaseline
  • washing tubs  
  • Ladies reusable sanitary pads
  • toothbrushes
  • toothpaste 
  • towels
  • Mosquito Nets
  • Mosquito Repellent


  • Solar Lamps
  • Gumboots
  • spades
  • bhadza/hoes
  • candles
  • lighters/matches

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