Notices for the week – 26 April 2017


A Noon Vigil will be held this Friday 28th opposite the Spar on Tyrone Ave.  We have made some placards but bring your own if you can.

Melville Koppie Eucharist: 9:30 am Sunday May 7

On May 8, 1213, St Francis was given the mountain of La Verna, on which he built his monastery, as a gift by Count Orlando of Chiusi.  The EcoGroup thought that the 7th would be an appropriate day on which to hold a “mountain” Eucharist, on our Koppie.  There will be a 7:30 am service as usual at the church, but no 9:30 am service at the church.  It will be on the Koppie.
* Park and meet in the carpark at Marks Park at 09h15 on Sunday morning off Judith Rd
* The group will enter the Koppies through a gate opposite the Marks Park entrance at 09h30, and will be lead to the selected spot
* A simple Eucharist will be celebrated in the natural surroundings, and should be over before 11h00
* We shall then return to the car park via a slightly different route; back to cars by 11h30
* The Offering we take will go to the Melville Koppies Nature Reserve to support their work so please give generously

Soup Kitchen:
Winter is coming and our soup kitchen is starting up again on 2nd May.  We need volunteers to sign up for soup kitchen duties on the roster.  Sign-up forms are at the back of the church.  Please be sure to respond with generosity of time and donations of dried foods or cans to make the soup more nourishing.


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