August is the month of Compassion

On Sunday, Sue Jordaan reminded us that August is our month of Compassion.  She read to us this description of Compassion.

Compassion means to become close to the one who suffers. … A compassionate person says: “I am your brother; I am your sister. I am human, fragile and mortal, just like you. I am not embarrassed by your tears, nor afraid of your pain. I too have wept. I too have felt pain…I cannot take your pain away. I cannot offer you a solution for your problem, but I can promise you that I won’t leave you alone, and will hold on to you as long and as well as I can”. There is much grief and pain in our lives, but what a blessing it is when we do not have to live our grief and pain alone. That is the gift of compassion.

From: Here and Now: Living in the Spirit  by Henri Nouwen




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