Checking if you are on duty

An additional way of checking the duty rosters has been added. This is available via the Diaries and rosters menu item.

The original way (still available) shows all the services for the month and who has been assigned duties at each service.

The new way shows the names of people, followed by the duties assigned to them for the month. This might be more convenient for checking when you are on duty several times during the month.

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  1. Esther Karimi Malia

    Hi stfrancistechie,

    Thank you for a wonderful and informative website. I developed the website for the church 2007-2010 and proud of the development:)

    on a technical note: LOGIN, can you rather call it ‘Parishioners register’ or ‘Members login’
    when I put a cursor on LOGIN Tab, the is a message is ‘login for Editor/Author’.

    suggestion please HIDE the TAB of Login – if it is for Editor/Author as it can easily be accessed by anyone who want to hack the website- Editors must login secretly

    unless the login is for parishioners,- or who is to login and register here? does anyone after registering qualify to be an Editor/Author?.

    Thank you.

    • Mike

      Hello Esther,

      Thanks for your note about when the website started, and thanks for your appreciation.

      As the message “login for Editor/Author” indicates, the Login tab is a login mechanism for Editors and Authors. There is no mechanism for just anyone to register themselves. The only people who can login are those who have been pre-registered and invited by me to be either an Editor or an Author. So we are safe from general hacking on that score. We encourage the heads of the various groups and portfolios to become editors/authors.

      Anyone can comment on a post, as you have done, but it is held un-displayed until someone with the necessary authorisation approves it. So we are safe from just anyone putting general rubbish on our site.

      Thanks for your concern,

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